About Quality

I share experiences from over 20 years in software quality as a manager implementing and changing the course of quality to a director providing a strategic vision.  My specialty is in identifying root cause software quality issues and providing clear steps to resolution as well as optimizing quality management and IT testing capabilities.  I have deep, global experience in software development, having led teams in some of the most technical and complex quality assurance projects and initiatives.

I have an extensive network of experienced software engineers and consultants that I draw on when the need arises.  Together, we help clients and organizations put together high performing, results driven quality teams and processes.  With this tailored software quality service I can help you meet your demanding schedules and provide the level of quality your customers need.

My effectiveness as a quality consultant is directly related to my ability to initiate change in an organization through building positive relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Every consulting engagement begins with an in-depth discussion of the client’s unique situation and ways I can assist.  I take a software process naturalist approach - that means observing what the teams are actually doing, the current risks, and making strong recommendations, in a cross-disciplinary way.  Brainstorming sessions, interviews and audits are some examples of the tools and techniques I use to ensure that the issues are clearly identified.   Once this happens, a detailed action plan is prepared, reviewed and approved by the client.  Then, if you desire, I can implement and track results.