Improving Product and Process Quality

Taking software organizations to the next level by helping to improve their product and process quality. Managing change effortlessly.  

Hands-on, coaching-while-contributing, on-site

In order to make recommendations that fit your organization, time is spent actually understanding the work leading to prescriptions that are grounded in the problems your organization has today.

The primary key to success for customers is product quality which can be elusive at times.  Often, having a fresh set of experiences eyes come in and evaluate organizational processes can identify key areas for change leading to rapid improvement.

  • Experienced quality professional evaluating people, process, results
  • Clear, actionable strategies and processes identified
  • Implementation plan and execution provided
  • Establishing ongoing quality control

Ideal for:

  • Offshore teams
  • Mission critical software
  • Teams reporting quality issues
  • Rapidly growing organizations

Offering a range of consultancy engagements that cover the following areas:

  • Test process audit
  • Quality and risk management overview
  • Employee and project quality management
  • Consulting on test automation teams
  • Testing strategies in an agile environment
  • Actionable process improvements and implementation
  • Quality process improvement and documentation
  • Organizational growth and quality risk

Benefit for clients:

  • Improved software quality quickly
  • Clear repeatable processes leading to efficiency and quality 
  • Cost optimization of quality control and quality management
  • Testing functions that meet global standards
  • Ability to grow internally without risking product quality
  • Reduced time to market