Job Search Techniques/Workshops

Marketing yourself to success!

Specializing in providing individuals and organizations with job search techniques enabling people to move to their next new challenge. Full service that follows individuals until they reach their success. Marketing effectively using industry specific words and carefully crafted resumes combined with social networking and other key strategies.

Ideal for:

  • Companies doing restructuring
  • Individuals looks for career change
  • New graduate
  • New to the workforce
  • Terminations and layoffs
  • Seeking promotions

Offering a range of consultancy engagements that cover the following areas:

  • Compelling resume showcasing achievements
  • Resume tune-up
  • Cover letter preparation
  • LinkedIn profile and other social media
  • How to conduct in depth and effective research on potential customers
  • Interview preparation
  • Effective networking
  • The art of follow-up

Corporate Restructuring Workshop

Sessions for groups of individuals covering all areas from resume, LinkedIn profiles, job alerts, interview practice and more. A perfect way to ensure past employees get the assistance they need, in a group setting, to move forward with success.

New Grad

Now that you have graduated or are in the process of graduating, it is time to start your job search. Allow resume writing and social network setup to create a compelling story about your skills and capabilities. Specific resume writing for new grads and entry level positions.

Mid Career and Professions

Exploring positions that fit your current career goals is easier with an updated, modern resume and LinkedIn profile that showcases your achievements, experiences and capabilities to get you the next role or promotion faster. Ideal for professional, technical, supervisory, team-lead and middle-management roles.

Senior Management/Executives

If you are a driven executive looking for new challenges that synchronize your career and personal goals a polished resume, LinkedIn profile and networking can bring quick results. We can create a compelling resume linking your expertise, achievements and knowledge to demonstrate the tangible benefits you can bring to the table. Ideal for Senior Management to Executive (C-Suite).

Resume Tune-Up

Making minor but key changes and updates to your existing resume by focusing more on what employers are looking for with a clean, polished, professional layout.

Cover Letter Preparation

The cover letter is your first chance to make an impression. We create a cover letter template and position specific made of carefully chosen phrases to clearly establish you as a leading contender based on strengths and achievements.

LinkedIn and Social Networking

Using your and others’ networks to the fullest and establishing connections for today and the future are key to a successful career. Creating social networking profiles and sharing the power connections.

Interview Preparation

An interactive sharing and exploring of modern interview techniques and questions throughout different industries. Up to date information and strategies essential to confidence and success in the interview.

Benefit for clients:

  • Assisting HR in providing services to leaving employees
  • Ensuring the use of the latest approaches, social networking, strategies, terminology
  • Increased networking for executive, senior management
  • Objective view of skills, experiences
  • Assisting in identifying your value
  • Inside track on recruiters, hiring preferences