Virtual People HR

Specializing in providing small and medium sized organizations with cutting edge people management techniques, innovations and processes leading to improved performance of your organization.  Improve human resource management, maximize human capital, improve productivity and employee engagement.

Whether you are an executive that needs complete HR projects with speed and expertise or an HR professional who needs a specialist in a single area, the options are many.  Available by phone, email, or on-site as a member of your management team.  You get the benefit and value of an expert HR resource for your team without attendant payroll costs, benefits, taxes and office expenses.

Align your workforce and optimize performance!

Ideal for:

  • Small and medium sized organizations
  • Maturing and rapid growth organizations
  • A la carte one -off needs
  • Busy HR professionals with specialist needs

Offering a range of consultancy engagements that cover the following areas:


  • Employee training on benefits, processes, policies
  • Onboarding of new staff
  • Recruiting interviews
  • Exit interviews and tangible metrics and outcomes
  • Process documentation at every stage
  • Lunch and learns 

Corporate Initiatives

  • Creating and managing corporate goal setting
  • Organizational performance management process setup and execution
  • 360 degree feedback 
  • Strategic vision, planning and policy
  • Succession planning strategy
  • Individual and corporate learning development plans
  • Job description development
  • Leadership coaching
  • Driving corporate culture 
  • Employee engagement program
  • Myers-Briggs

Human capital management

If your employees are your most valuable asset it makes sense to have an established best practice to apply to screening, hiring, onboarding and skills management.

Employee coaching

Working effectively with employees to address their personal and work-related issues leading to improved morale and job performance.

Management coaching

Executive leadership coaching through one on ones, driving engagement, leveraging motivation, strategic planning.

Productivity improvement

Hiring the right employees and training, coaching, evaluating  skills and development plans improves efficiencies and productivity.


Complete and track assessments and use valuable insights to improve self-awareness, teamwork, coaching and collaboration across the entire organization.

Employee loyalty

Sound human resource management builds employee loyalty, improves job performance, and reduces turnover costs.

Job description services

Designing your job descriptions and content to support your current initiatives as well as future plans.

Bringing in the fun

Running effective programs with culture initiatives, social focus and regular team events on any budget.

Organizational pulse check

Measuring engagement and moral to assist managers in proactively identify issues and take action.

Effective goal setting and management

Setting and managing goals that match from corporate, through departmental to individual in a way that is meaningful and measurable and ensure employee alignment and accountability.

Succession planning

Identifying talent pipeline, understanding skills and competencies needed for roles, aligning needs with strategic plan.

Benefit for clients:

  • Full HR services or a-la-carte as needed
  • Improved engagement and loyalty from employees
  • Ensure strong coaching from executive to team
  • Off load current HR team